The Methodology

A new era calls for a new measurement approach

The challenge with traditional brand measurement approaches is they reflect what mattered in the past, rather than what matters now and in the future.

In an era when it’s important to not just be more ethical, but also highly responsive, brand measurement has failed to keep up with the pace of change.

Now is the time for that change.

Wolff Olins and Hall & Partners have collaborated to create a pioneering new measurement framework. Our unique approach evaluates brands against multiple ‘conscious’ dimensions, such as taking actions to make the world a better place, driving reform and social change, embracing diversity and inclusivity and inspiring a sense of community.

We have also created an overall Conscious Brand Score that allows us to rank and benchmark brand performance, with the ability to diagnose relative strengths and opportunities across different conscious dimensions.

A global study of 9,000 consumers and 223 brands identifying the world’s leading conscious brands

Where: UK, US, China

Who: Nationally representative adult 18+ sample, recruited via Dynata global online panel

How: 15-minute online survey

How we measured and calculated a Conscious Brand Score

An overall Conscious Brand Score from 0–100 was created using each brand’s performance across 14 metrics, reflecting the six dimensions of a conscious brand, summarised below:



01 ——— MORAL

  • Is guided by strong beliefs
  • Speaks up about what is right and wrong in the world
  • Is truly embracing Diversity and Inclusivity


  • Inspires a sense of community
  • Encourages me to join in and participate


  • Takes actions that help make the world a better place
  • Drives reform and social change



  • Is culturally relevant
  • Really understands me and my life


  • Is exciting and engaging to look at, listen to and interact with
  • Always finds ways to inspire me
  • Is constantly innovating and moving


  • Helps me change my life and adopt new habits
  • Plays an important role in my life
  • Brands were evaluated on each metric using an 11 point scale.
  • A brand’s mean score performance on each metric was compared with the average brand performance for each metric in each market.
  • Performance across metrics and markets is standardised to allow comparability across metrics and markets.
  • Each metric and market (UK, US, China) is given equal weighting in the overall Conscious Brand Score.
  • Of the 223 total brands included in the study, 110 were global brands included in all three markets and in the global ranking, while the other 113 brands were only included in market-specific rankings.