Where next?

Helping you progress and embrace the new Conscious era

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At Wolff Olins, we help create transformative brands that move businesses, people and the world forwards.

It’s our belief that the kinds of brands that can help make these transformative leaps possible are conscious brands.

But building one is no mean feat. It’s not something you can do overnight and it’s not something you can do alone.

So where to start?

To answer this question, we’ve been developing a new Conscious Roadmap alongside our new Top 100 and report. The Roadmap plots out the key steps and tasks you’ll need to tackle along your conscious journey.

It begins with what we call a conscious ‘Calibration’—assessing where you are now and where your relative strengths and weaknesses lie. This involves utilising our proprietary research to dig deeper into your Conscious Brand Score and analyse how it looks across the six signs, as well as when compared to competitors and comparators.

To see how we can help you take the first step on your conscious journey, get in touch via consciousbrands@wolffolins.com


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At Hall & Partners, we believe that every business has the power to make a positive impact on the world.

We have seen a newly emerging conscious agenda, one that expects businesses and brands to do more, and behave responsibly and ethically.

As outlined in this Conscious Brands Report, many businesses are already acting more responsibly, making a contribution to society and the world beyond their own interests. As we emerge from the crisis, we are also seeing a radical shift in consumer values, as people begin to re-evaluate what matters to them in their lives.

As a consequence, there is a growing need and opportunity for brands to bring consciousness into their brand and marketing strategies. And, in doing so, help create a virtuous cycle of doing good between business, brands and consumers.

When businesses and brands adopt these new conscious strategies, there is a danger that they continue to evaluate and track their progress using well established, but increasingly outdated models. Many were invented in a different time and have lost their relevance and meaning.

We believe you should measure your performance against how you intend your marketing to work. Our unique, conscious evaluative framework measures all the ways you intend to build a brand relationship. Integrating, for the first time, conscious actions such as making the world a better place, driving reform and social change, embracing diversity and inclusivity, and inspiring a sense of community.

Our Conscious Brand Measurement Framework will help you navigate the new conscious agenda, understand conscious consumers more deeply and track performance against intention; all to help you drive growth in a post-COVID world.

We hope you enjoyed this snapshot of our proprietary research. Get in touch today for access to all the data via the Conscious Data Hub and our latest thinking on the Consumer Value Shift, including case studies and insight news on the latest conscious brand activity.